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Christian Warrior Books


Thank you for visiting my website.

There are currently six volumes available in my ongoing Christian Fantasy series: Warrior of the Son, Priests of Moloch, The Fieldsof Clon Miarth,  Fire From the Earth, The Queen's Own, and The Goblin Hunters. Each volume builds upon the previous work, moving the characters toward the final climactic confrontation as is present in all good Fantasy books. At this time I project ten to twelve books in this series, although as most writers will tell you, the story often goes where it wants to go, irrespective of the author’s plans. 

A word is in order concerning the classification of my works. They are Christian Fantasy. This means they contain all the elements of the Fantasy genre: trolls, goblins, battle against great evil, while including the Power, Love, and Mercy of God. I am literal here. The characters do not worship a non-descript deity or being. God is God, the God of Abraham and Moses. Jesus is Jesus, although I use the Gaelic and Latin, Iosa Christus. Sometimes, where appropriate, the characters will even quote Scripture, but the books are far from “preachy.” There is no allegory here, no abstraction, and no mistaking that I am writing about the One True God.

Don’t let that scare you. My characters are just like you and me. You will not be sickened by their sanctimony. They are flawed and fragile, capable of courage and deceit, mercy and intolerance. Yet a Divine Light guides them. Most Fantasy literature features battle against great evil, and I have included a greater good for the protagonists to follow.

You won't find bad language of any sort in this series. My characters are flawed like the rest of us and you will experience their anger, frustration, and rage, but I don’t include the bad words that sometimes flow from these emotions. It simply isn’t necessary to get the point across. Additionally, there is no sex in these books. There is romance, but not at the base level so often portrayed in today’s literature.

Of course I portray battle; swords, spears, and shields in the desperation of medieval combat. There is glory in these images, the sacrifice of simple men standing in the breach, offering their blood, their lives that evil should not overwhelm their world. But there is also the tragic result of warfare, suffering, wounds, and death. While I am not gratuitous in the description of such things, neither do I portray warfare as antiseptic and without horror.

One thing more. My heroes and heroines do not engage in magic. So often, Fantasy literature includes magic, for both the good guys and the bad guys. And lets face it; magic exists. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have been warned against it in Scripture. Pharaoh’s priests couldn’t have turned their staves into serpents if there was no magic. But unlike Moses, who turned his staff into a serpent with the Power of God, the power of the priests came from an entirely different source, a source of which good men and women dare not avail themselves. There is no such thing as "White Magic". Therefore, though the bad guys in my books may use magic from time to time, it is something the good guys simply will not touch. They know magic exists, but like the One Ring in Tolkien’s Trilogy, they know they cannot utilize it and remain aligned to the Light. Instead, they depend on God’s “Magic”, His Miracles, in their hours of greatest need.    


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